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Re (from london):
"As a half-black person, I'll tell you one thing us ethnics get pissed off about and that's white people deciding what is racist and what isn't. You know, the ones who say don't say this or don't say that are usually the ones who make the most derogatory comments out of sheer ignorance."
Off-topic: I just learned a new word! "Ethnic" is a bonafide way to denote "an ethnic minority," word-for-word as proclaimed by Wiktionary. Kewl. Now that's a word I like having on my volcabulary trophy shelf.

But london, you've made a great point, a point that's been strangely lacking in this thread up until now. Who are us Caucasians to be the judges and rulers over "what constitutes kindness to ethnics" anyway? Why don't the ethnics themselves get to tell us what we ought to do? They've certainly earned the right after so many centuries of oppression.

A bit more on my feelings about ethnic nomenclature in a soon-to-be-posted post ...


Re (from Dirtclustit):
"It's the hatred behind the intent on the words."
Ah: exactly what I've contrived to get at!

"And I know it sounds unfair, but honestly two people could use the exact same words, and if one of them was speaking with a dialect of hatred (with coincidentally smells worse than it is distinguished by sounds) and another is speaking a dialect love and understanding ...
The two people people may even be using, verbatim, the same words, and one would be right and one would be wrong."
Perfect! Perfect! (and I mean that like nobody's business.) Ahhh; I think we're on the same page again my friend.

"I gave you the benefit of the doubt even though I didn't believe your sincerity, so I deleted my tones of anger, frustration, and hatred, and offered you advice if you were serious."
And, I hope you'll believe me when I say thank you for your stately forbearance. I hope I didn't cut and bruise too much in my admittedly self-opinionated riposte. I did mean it respectfully, if not mincingly.

Re: threadjacking ... I admit legit argument could be made that no threadjacking has occurred. After all, this thread points toward poly/culture/color/race issues and thus, by extension, towards culture/color/race issues in general. So as official OP, I'll accept your tangential points, and opine that they need a dedicated space for further expression. Along those lines ... well, see my next post.
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