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You are so right SchrodingersCat. I need to ask for my space more often... my men tease me sometimes because I will sit at the laptop in our kitchen and draw lines around my self and say that I am in my own room, please knock to come in... of course this becomes a joke to them and they tease me by pretending to knock and then my boy gets into it etc... it is funny, but I am also serious.

Tonight I wanted to sit in the bed on the laptop and polynerdist said no. I like to sit here and type and then fall asleep with it whenever I want, but it disturbs him when my fingers tap on the keys... if I had my own room I would go there.

The out doors is my space though, I get that. I run to the ocean quite often and feel it's space. I love that emmenseness I create in myself from that. During the winter that becomes very important as it rains constantly here and it becomes more closed in because of it. Rainy runs are my favorite.

I have always had a dream to have an RV and live that lifestyle too. We have a camper van that we got when we were married and I have been able to do just that in the summer. We go camping a lot. It is a very different way to live and very appealing. Funny how that doesn't bother me, but this has begun to. You are right though, more time out side is required when one lives in an RV.

I have taken to kicking nerdist out of the house lately as he is always here it seems... that has helped. We have an agreement that when he comes home he is to allow me to go about my business and just say goodnight when he is off to bed (he goes to bed way earlier than I). He was hanging around me and draping himself on me and I was resentful. I have asked him not to and now go to him when I am ready. I make a point of engaging myself with him for a moment before he goes to sleep as I know he needs to know I love him at that time.

It all needs working out for sure, but I would like to move my studio to my room, have my computer in there, have my own couch bed and keep the guinea pigs in there one day.... it's just time to get that back. I am afraid to be alone and having my own room I think will help me with that. I love that I will have two lovely men to go and tuck myself in with if I get scared I'm so pathetic really.....
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