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Default There has never been a word itself, that was inherently evil

and so it has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the terms are accurate or so off they are opposite, Scientifically speaking or otherwise

it's the hatred behind the intent on the words

and I know it sounds unfair, but honestly two people could use the exact same words, and if one of them was speaking with a dialect of hatred (with coincidentally smells worse than it is distinguished by sounds) and another is speaking a dialect love and understanding.

The two people people may even be usinf, verbatim same words, and one would be right and one would be wrong

I gave you the benefit of the doubt even though I didn't believe your sincerity, so I deleted my tones of anger, frustration, and hatred, and offered you advice if you were serious.

THreadjacket? OI don't call it that
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