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During our latest poly meeting I was only half present. The other half was thinking about how different I felt from what the others around me felt.

I spent my time visually trying to explain the concept of reshaping love from one form to another to maintain health. It brought me back to this thread and a chance to further my own understanding of myself for myself. This is not an indication of anything happening so no worries there..just collecting my thoughts

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This means that my love for her will be shaped in the closest way possible with only one requirement; that I remain healthy in the manner I express it. Right now we express our love as “lovers”. Passion and sex is our pinnacle of communication in sharing that connection. During those moments we feel complete and the aching that reside inside us both stops. We are both healthy in this. I am healthy in this.

My love is beyond the need to express it in a specific way. I know it could be reshaped in many ways to remain connected. Perhaps friendship, perhaps merely knowing she is in the world. The entity inside me, which is a part of the entity in her, will ensure that this happens. It will take care of keeping me healthy in our connection. It will not allow me to express my love in a way that hurts my phsyci. I trust in this to guide me beyond where my emotional thoughts might leave me if unchecked and ignored….broken, depressed and resentful of her.

If sex and passion can no longer be the healthy way for me to communicate and remain connected than that will change. I accept that and take great comfort in knowing I will get to share in her life still. If sex and passion remain the pinnacle of our expression, that is great as well and is definitely my preferred state of love.

It is the trust in this entity and it’s following of destiny that lets me acknowledge possibilities of change but still move forward within our relationship. I intend to be in her life forever. I would love to express it as we do now. I know I will always express it in a way that is healthy to me.

The fact that this picture seems to end in a decrease of intimate love is merely to show an affect

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