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[continued from above]

"Do you care?"
To me that question sounds as rhetorical as, "Have you found Jesus?" but, for the record, the answer (to "Do I care") is "Yes." Will it please you now to say, "No you don't care, and I can prove it! Who do think you're fooling?"

"It's extremely effective at removing their power to marginalize and intimidate those who would otherwise continue to violate and creep into every safe public place, and that feeling of safety is very important.
Especially with how far my government has taken the safety as an excuse to violate, I'll be damned if I am going to let them take away the psychological sanctuary, nobody has the right to do that, Kevin ..."
Sorry if I've tried to take away anyone's psychological sanctuary, or marginalize or intimidate those who would otherwise continue to violate and creep into every safe public place. I agree about the importance of that feeling of safety. I'd actually rather not marginalize, intimidate, violate, or creep into anyone's public psychological sanctuary. I'd rather expand the amount of inviolate public psychological sanctuary available to anyone who might be marginalized, intimidated, or deceived. My whole reason for initiating this thread, in fact, was figuring out what polyamorists could do to build and expand such sanctuaries (literally and figuratively).


Re (from LovingRadiance):
"We stereotype people and things as a way to classify."
I agree. Maybe it's dysfunctional on our part, but we do do it.


For the record, I don't consider myself to be a person with any special knowledge. I've often been known to goof up my spelling and grammar. I'm not a grammarian ("Who" or "whom?" I'll never know). Sorry if my grammar seemed to be impeccable until I (twice in less than two weeks) inadvertently betrayed your faith in my grammar by writing sentences with two conflicting "surface meanings" each, the second meaning of each not even relating to love or sex per se.

I'm not terribly erudite, though if you wish to call me an "idiot savant" I might accept that label, sort of. Just don't expect me to help you count cards in Vegas. I'm not BDSM and have next to no knowledge of that subject. I've heard of humans who identify as "pets" to other humans but that isn't based on any personal experience of my own.

I admit to being poly but not to being involved in IT, though one of my poly companions is. The only obscure knowledge I have is things like the plot and characters of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever.

Whatever color caucasians fancied themselves to be during the American slave era, they did seem to take skin color as a mark of superiority and entitlement over a differently-skin-toned race (the forcefully imported Africans). No excuse for that, and no lie could cover it up in my book.

Re (from Dirtclustit):
"As far as the term white goes, Caucasians are in actuality one of the furthest people from it. As traditionally 'white' meant clear, transparent or 'see through' ..."
Well Wiktionary's no authoritative source, but it's a start, so inspect the following part of its entry for "white" if you will:

From Middle English whit, hwit, from Old English hwīt, from Proto-Germanic *hwītaz (whence also West Frisian wyt, Dutch wit, German weiß, Norwegian hvit), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱweytos ("bright; shine"). Compare Lithuanian šviẽsti ("to gleam"), šviesa ("light"), Old Church Slavonic свѣтъ (světŭ, "light"), свѣтьлъ (světĭlŭ, "clear, bright"), Albanian vizull ("shine"), Avestan spaēta ("white"), Sanskrit श्वेत (śvetį, "white, bright").

white (comparative whiter, superlative whitest)
  • Bright and colourless; reflecting equal quantities of all frequencies of visible light. "Write in black ink on white paper."
  • Of Caucasian race.
  • Designated for use by Caucasians. "white drinking fountain; white hospital"
  • Relatively light or pale in colour. "white wine; white grapes"
  • Pale or pallid, as from fear, illness, etc.
  • (of coffee) Containing cream, milk, or creamer.
  • (board games, chess) The standard denomination of the playing pieces of a board game deemed to belong to the white set, no matter what the actual colour. "The white pieces in this set are in fact made of light green glass."
  • Pertaining to an ecclesiastical order whose adherents dress in white habits; Cistercian.
  • Honourable, fair; decent.
  • (of a person or skin) Lacking coloration from ultraviolet light.
  • Grey, as from old age; having silvery hair; hoary.
  • (archaic) Characterized by freedom from that which disturbs, and the like; fortunate; happy; favourable.
  • (obsolete) Regarded with especial favour; favourite; darling.
Which should get us on the same page.

"... which is the other reason this post riled me, as I don't particularly get along with the seemingly growing number of people who get senses mixed up, color would be a mix up of reflections detected by sight."
As I remember mentioning somewhere earlier in this thread, I don't think "whites" when used to describe caucasians is meant to scientifically define their exact skin color; it's only meant to loosely hint at how their skin color tends to contrast with that of "blacks" who also are understood (by me at least) to not be literally black (with rare exceptions).

Hijack getting bigger ... Hope we'll get back to the "How can a 'white polyamorist' like me help 'black (or Hispanic, or Oriental, or Native American) polyamorists' feel more welcome in my (online and meatspace) company?" Alas, I guess the answer is: "Stop using scientifically inaccurate labels to describe their skin color, and then they'll warm up to you."
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"

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