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I can't see that it is any different from a more liberal form of poly. More liberal meaning polyamory without rules and restrictions about who and how one can love outside of their primary relationship. To me, some of the ideas listed as being central to RA are ideas that have to be present in an ethically non monogamous relationship for it to be polyamorous. I don't believe that understanding you do not need to be desperately in love with one another or reach a certain level of romantic commitment before you decide to co parent or co habit is unique to RA. Many poly people live and co parent together because it was a logical step given everyone's circumstances and desires.

As I said, the only time I see a clear difference is when it goes wrong and you have situations where RA is used as an excuse to be a shitty partner or friend. Otherwise, I don't see how it's any different to an egalitarian, liberal form of polyamory.

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