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Question What ever happened to "Gals"?~

What ever happened to "Gals"?~

"Girls" having its' origins in meaning a "young, usually immature, unripe, naive, female" usually most commonly in referrence to children has been popular throughout the pre-50's, 50's, and beyond as a form of sexual discrimination and as a self-identity as a "female who is free from marriage or very spontaneous or youthful".~

"Women" as the opposite of "Girls" has been associated with "maturity, knowledge, wise, grown, ripe" but it also has been associated with "old or almost dead, old-fashioned, no fun" especially in today's generation.~

My question is: "Guys" is often used as a catch-all phrase for all "males" regardless of age or nature, what ever happened to the usage of its' "female" equivalent "Gals"?~
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