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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

Can relate to that.

If you passionately wish to share all with your lovers (including each waking and sleeping moment), then exercise with you they must!

But you'll have to excuse them for a moment if they step into the ladies' room or the dressing room at a department store.

Fitness is good for everyone so I have no problem with you wanting a lover to join in the pursuit of it. In the meantime, we'll just share some good old times from our distantly-situated computer chairs.

Actually when I sat 24/7, I mean all the time, no exceptions.~

Actually, if some one were to be my lover, I would want us to be comfortable around each other no matter what even if one or both of us is or are on the toilet or toilets, I may actually install 2 toilets side by side with no kind of "curtain" or other such nonsense for "privacy" reasons as I don't believe in such things between lovers and definitely not for any one on my boat house or place of living, if I ever do build my boat house.~

We may not be together some times because of circumstances, but I will treasure every moment that I am with them.~

Thank you, I'm glad you understand!~ ^_^


Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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