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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
It's really not a surprise because that subforum purports to cover a whole lot of specific locations worldwide, yet just doesn't get enough activity to connect very many people from similar regions.

And as you said you're soon going to become something of a seafaring nomad or a "man without a location."

If you want I can give you a few dating site links and local poly group links but again that might not help you given the amount of traveling you'll soon be doing.

Perhaps another approach would be something like:

If your ship is docked long enough for you to attend a poly event, you could always google "polyamory" with the name of the major city, State, or country you're stationed in. Mostly though, I think you're just going to have to be outgoing, get to know people quickly, and find out soon how they feel about polyamory.

I think your best bet is to follow your instincts and heart. But if you want some of those dating/poly group links, just let me know.

Kevin T.
Thank you so much, you are so helpful darling!~ ^_^

I'm all right as far as a dating site goes, I'm on same name as here, the link is on my profile page here under "contact" links.~

I recommend it to every one even if your just looking for some thing like friends, pen pals, or even activity buddies, I've met some great people online there!~ ^_^

You're right about the whole outgoing thing, I am much more outgoing than I used to be I try to push my outgoingness even more every chance I get which isn't often lately, maybe I physically meet new people once or twice a month!~ ^_^

I'm just being myself and I'm confident that love will happen one day for me, even if it does not happen for me: I am happy now in this moment, I am content.~ ^_^


Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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