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Default Unintentional triad

I'm in a poly marriage. Some time ago, I met an unmarried poly couple quite by accident. A relationship with the man developed and quite soon afterward, a relationship developed with the woman too. These two relationships were not connected and emerged quite on their own. I've been in a triad before - with disastrous results.

<insert all cliche'd expectations of so-called unicorns>

Anyway...the issue is this: Because of everybody's minute-to-minute knowledge of everybody else, comparisons of time etc. are being made and there are jealousies emerging. The chief issue is that the woman is feeling jealousy (of her partner when he spends time with me) and is without meaning to, impacting my time with the man because she gets into a "mood" whenever we have a prolonged date. I told them before things really got off the ground that I did not want to get in a relationship with them both if it risked their relationship. Prior to my involvement, I'm told that they had almost no disagreements in a near decade-long relationship. In the last few months, I think they have had three or four, all having to do with me.

I just don't know what to do.
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