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Thank you galagirl for the thoughtful response, you truly are one of the best things this forum has going for it. A little more clarification...I'm not even poly with my "girlfriend". We do have feelings and poly is what we intended at the beginning but both our spouses were so yucky about it that we have kept it at very close friends. I see her on occasion and we sometimes go out for dinner and discussion but its always on egg shells. Not enjoyable, and a hurtful situation for all involved. It use to be her husband who hated it most and my wife that defended it, now they have traded places. My wife agrees that her initial compersion was fueled by guilt of her behavior. I will let her answer to the rest and clarify if she wishes to. I agree that her depression is first and foremost our biggest concern. Compersion and acceptance are on the back burner as being very hard to handle even for non depressed individuals. I love her deeply and have forgiven her because I see a bigger picture and understand the hurtful behavior was an element to her depression and guilt.
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