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Default What a wonderful memory :)

As you all know-Tuesday I had surgery. I had made a request that Monday night I be granted the privilege of sleeping curled up between the guys (never done that before).
The request was granted. They hauled our mattress upstairs and made the bed so we could sleep upstairs without "invading" either of their bedrooms, comfortably.

We curled up and I dozed on and off while they watched some stupid movie. After the movie GG curled up in front of me with my arm thrown over him, to go to sleep and Maca curled up behind me in our customary cuddle position for sleep. Maca started being naughty and I whispered to him, "honey, please don't start something you can't handle." He asked me what I said, I repeated it.

He woke GG up asking him if he would "help" (don't want to share too many intimate details).

Anyway-it was a slightly awkward start, mostly on my part, worried about GG being uncomfortable or upset or something. But they both put their attention to doing something for me and it was awesome.
We curled up afterwards snuggled up warm and cozy and dozed for two hours before I had to wash with the special soap that the hospital orders before surgery, then we went to town for my surgery.

It was so nice to have them not competing or worrying about either of them having more or less than the other, but both of them just completely focused on meeting my needs/desires. I felt VERY special and very loved.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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