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Originally Posted by alibabe_muse View Post
Have any of those rebounds become more of a committed relationship after the mourning (fun sex) time frame?
No. Can't say they have. The longest was a 3 month run. But that was a rebound of life.

I was 22.. or so I think. I had been with the same woman for 7 years, in a boring life.. picket fence, house dog, 2 cars.. horrible sex life. Everything most people want in life, and ended up being nothing I ever wanted.. she cheated, I left immediately... I was completely unforgiving..

I got out of that life and started down this new path. I indulged quite a bit and rebounded with a girl I had been forbidden to be with (a .. self described lesbian who happened to like my cock and threesomes). 3 months of sex drugs and rock and roll and it was over. She went on to be with her gf for life I think, and I moved on. I lived like a hedonist for 10 more years. She is one of 5 women I have loved in the last 40.. I still think of her sometimes.. wow that was fun..

That particular rebound was the longest "rebound" and was like getting a reformat. I went from a boring conservative wanna be yuppie to what I am today. Thank god for that rebound, showed me everything the world had to offer in a very short time. That rebound was an agreed upon relationship structure that fit the bill for both of us. She was trying to discover who or what she was, and I was trying to rebuild myself. It was intense.. and explosive and in turn short.. good times..

That story was likely longer than it needed to be hahaha
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