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I take the time now before I have children. By the time I get them, hopefully poly life will be established already People make different things their priorities, I will make poly life (and other life) mine. I want to live with both of my men in the same house or at least close by. As of now, I make what I can out of the long distance relationship, actually I think it would be easier should they both live with me because we could all have more "natural time" together. Anyway, other priorities are also important, I don't want to loose sight of friends or working out, I guess with kids you tend to do things a little differently but that also depends on where you live and how commuting is and so on.

I would never take my kids to soccer pracice, I would expect them to get to acticities on their own unless it was really far away. If they have started school, they are old enough to do many things by themselves. That being said, I could get a child who needed extra supervision, one never knows.

My husband currently has no other than me, but of course he has other things in his life; school, work, workout, friends, hobbies... He can take the time he needs for things he wants to do, from his spare time. I have to take of my time to be with my boyfriend. And we do have to have some time together. And time to do the housework...

Timewise, having a boyfriend is kind of like having a best friend that you just have to see all the time. I know people who talk to their best friend every day for hours. It is a little bit like that, plus taking off your clothes

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