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It's spelled Wiccan.

Yes, of course it's possible to be "on the rebound" if you're poly. If you're in a relationship of any kind that goes sour and there is a breakup, you need time to recover. You could stop and think if you need time to recover from your short-lived relationship with the young and sexy KW, for example, before jumping into anything with your husband's gf's husband. (Not to mention, quads are graduate level relationships. For example, what if you start something with this guy, but it doesn't work. How will that affect your h's relationship with his gf?)

Speaking of rebounding, I had a short-lived thing with a guy this summer who was more unbalanced than I knew. We had some PMing, a few long phone calls and then a lunch date. However, a couple days after our first date, he tried to kill himself. I didn't hear from him for a couple weeks. His phone went straight to voicemail. He didn't answer texts or PMs. I finally read on one of his dating profiles, what happened. That experience kind of freaked me out and put me right off trying to date ever since. (I mean date anyone besides my 2 primary sweeties.)
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