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Absolutely right. Cheaters often seem to have these kind of feelings when they go into poly relationships. Still seek to betray, control, manipulate, etc. It's just part of their selfish, cowardly behaviour that prompted the cheating to begin with. She is the one that has done wrong, she is the one who isn't trustworthy in regards to other men so why should fixing your relationship mean that you need to end your relationships that weren't begun that way, or why should you have to have the same rules as her surrounding this issue. You might have flaws in other areas, and in those areas, you might have rules that you need to abide to that she doesn't, but when it comes to her having other relationships she should expect that ending the cheating ones is a reasonable condition to continuing her marriage. Anyone with a moral compass would understand that and not try and force a way to keep them going or resent having to end them. Anyone that loved and respected their partner anyway.
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