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I am the husband. My wife started by having a secretive relationship with my cousin which ended due to my ultimatum. She since has started a relationship secretly with 3 other men which she agrees were done to hurt me because of my relationship with S. The last man she feels she loved, but the manner in which I had to find out about him (again secretive) and his complete lack of respect for our marriage and family and the way in which he tried to convince her to run away with him basically has caused him and I to become bitter enemies. I asked him to back off at least for a bit so that she and I could work our marriage out due to many issues (including her depression) that needed to be addressed. That is when he became a cowboy and tried to get her to leave with my boys. It devolved from there he said so many hurtful things to me and about me when he had no idea the extent of the problems my wife and I have been trying to overcome. I told her that his stomping about in our marriage and trying to convince her to leave so far crossed over the line that she needed to stop communicating with him because she became an emotional basket case. She already is suffering from severe depression and he basically came and flipped over our marriage. We are in marriage counseling right now trying to work through our problems. I told her that I am willing to give poly with another man a chance but that she needs to stop using it as a weapon against me and we need to get our shit together before we even start. Its not fair to the other men and it has only created an unstable living environment for our children.
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