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Thank you, Kevin.~ I'm sorry I was a little sharp before.~ I'm glad you are now trying to think beyond "stereotypes", I hope to get more people to do this as well.~

Also I do not acknowledge the concept of "race" in the context of "skin-color", skin-color is only 1 of many characteristics of each individual person, but I do recognize "culture".~

There are no "good" stereotypes as the definition of a "stereotype" is an "overgeneralization".~

I honestly don't stereotype people when I meet them, whether they have black, brown, pink, or actual white skin, or they are male, female, or some thing else: I treat every one with exactly the same consideration, I do not know them, so I get to know them as a person, not as a fantasy other people have made up about them.~

So people are walking question marks to me until I get to actually know them, I don't see an Asian-looking individual and automatically think, "He must be poor, from an Asian country, and know Kung Fu.", I do think, "He has a very interesting look and I want to get to know him better."~

LovingRadiance, when you say that "ALL people stereotype." you either have truly never met or known any one who is not as you describe, or you are lying.~

By saying that, "ALL people stereotype." you are you yourself stereotyping EVERYONE.~

Originally Posted by london View Post
There are cultural differences between groups of black people. In the UK, the vast majority of black people came here after WW2, so most black people born today would have grandparents or perhaps great grand parents who were born in Africa or the Caribbean. Saying that, many are first or second generation, either they or their parents were born in another country and came here relatively recently. Some of these people might be Muslim because the African country they are from has a large Muslim population, like Nigeria. This also affects their lifestyles.

In America, of course they also have people who have emigrated but they also have tonnes of black people who have been there (or their families have been) since slavery. Their culture is American. They aren't influenced by an African or Caribbean culture and are usually Christian.
Exactly, this is why the word "black" is an overgeneralization.~

When some one tells me that a group of people are "black": that tells me absolutely nothing about this group of people other that they literally have "black" skin.~


Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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