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Post RickPlus' story - Start.

Hi all,
I'm going to temp the fates, tempt the gods of irony, tempt both Murphy and Jinx - by saying that my wife and I are pretty much ideally set up for a polyamorous relationship. You can follow this blog and see if the gods mock me and my over confident hopes in the future.

Me: Male 47 years old, bi-curious.
My wife Red: Female 57 years old, also bi-curious.

We come from a Science Fiction background and she has a anthropology degree. We know deep down that there are lots of sets of rules that humans can live under, and the rules of our society are in many ways arbitrary. There are many cultures that are less hung up about sex and love.

Further, Red was in the SCA, and she knows several people who have had successful poly relationships for many years. I know of a couple poly people from Science Fiction. Three fairly close friends are in open relationships (either poly or swinging). We have living examples to model and some poly experienced people to ask for help.

Poly has been in the back ground of our thoughts for a long time. On our wedding night she told me that it wouldn't be a big deal if I had an affair. I was a bit shocked, but did the polite thing and told her the same thing. We agreed we would talk over, any thing like that first. So for our 15 year marriage, we were polyamorous (non-practicing) in a real sense.

When we decided to open up, I decided to prepare. I started reading this forum (including all posts in the 'new to polyamory' section) and reading books on polyamory.

Finally we live in a fairly liberal community. Nor do I have to worry about people in power over me giving me a hard time if I come out. There is one friend we have who might take a sanctimonious attitude about us opening up, but if worse comes to worse, we can tell him to not discuss it or end the friendship. (I don't think it will come to that.)

So if ANYONE has good chances of making poly work, it is us...

Warm regards, Rick.

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