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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I am enjoying your updates very much, btw. Your posts clearly show the shifts you have undergone. I wasn't thinking of you as more confident, though it seems that you are, as much as I was thinking "at ease." It seems you are so much more at ease with yourself, your life, your relationships. It's quite attractive, and I'm happy for you. I wish you well with your dating adventures! I've had my OKC account disabled for a few months now - I just can't bear to do it again right now.
Thanks, Indie, as always.

I agree that "at ease" might be a better term for my state of mind, just now.

It's a new experience for me in my relationships with other people . . . perhaps especially in my relationships with women I find attractive.

Sheesh, talk about a late bloomer!

So, I met someone for coffee this morning, as I mentioned in my previous post. I'd thought we'd talk for an hour, maybe a little more . . . but we talked for just over two hours.

Really, we just told stories about ourselves and asked each other questions. She and I seem to have a good mix of common interests and divergent experiences, just enough so we don't annoy one another, but can still surprise one another.

I have no idea what happens next, or where things might go - if anywhere. She suggested a possibility for a next meeting when we parted, though, so I suspect I'll see her again.

Like Vix and me, she's a Northerner living in (and chafing a bit at) the South; she has a Northerner's directness, which is always refreshing.

Whatever happens, I'm glad I met her. It was two hours well spent.
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