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Default compersion?

Iím looking for help on developing compersion.

This past year I have had a series of affairs. Not poly relationships since they were begun in secret. The first one was open enough that my husband felt comfortable asking for his own relationship with my friend. He has continued this relationship for a year, including dates, kissing, making out, and texting. I have had several relationships, all of which have caused him great angst and I have had to end due to their secretive nature and the circumstances surrounding how they were begun.

I want to feel compersion for him, rather than the anger and resentment I currently feel. But I donít know how to get past my feelings.
I did feel compersion for them at the beginning of the relationship.
Having to end my relationships has caused that to turn to resentment. Why does he get to continue when Iím forced to end?

Any help or advice about this is welcome.

I have purposely not told you my life story but I am willing to answer questions of clarification.
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