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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
It's been an interesting exercise to write engaging introductory notes - in complete sentences, with correct spelling and grammar, about something other than the physical attributes of the recipient. Some of those who have written back made a point of thanking me just for that!
Ahh, yes! Complete sentences, proper grammar, correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation... (long sigh)... heavenly! It's amazing how rare that is, and how appealing it can be when an intelligent message lands in one's Inbox!

I am enjoying your updates very much, btw. Your posts clearly show the shifts you have undergone. I wasn't thinking of you as more confident, though it seems that you are, as much as I was thinking "at ease." It seems you are so much more at ease with yourself, your life, your relationships. It's quite attractive, and I'm happy for you. I wish you well with your dating adventures! I've had my OKC account disabled for a few months now - I just can't bear to do it again right now.
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