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I voted "We should improve livestock's conditions/treatment."


"We should stop riding horses."

First choice: I actually don't mind the practice of livestock as their existence along with plant farming has helped supply the ever-growing population of Humans even though there are too many Humans to begin with and I wouldn't mind intentional sterilization of much of the Human population, strict reproduction laws,

and even throwing the vast majority of criminals who refuse to co-exist with others in a society out into the wild as exiles as more than half of them will most likely die forced to live without their "society":

this is some times already practiced with some criminals and some are even banned from most Human societies, but more of the "Prisoner-Population" need to be subjected to this treatment as they either consume resources for their entire lives or they are released stronger and more volatile then they were going into prison.~

There really are more benefits for treating livestock as "kindly" as possible: free-range "kindly" treated livestock are said to be "tastier" and "healthier" to.~

Second choice: I never liked this practice once I realized what it actually was and later on I found out what they really had to do every time a horse is born no matter if it is born in captivity or in the wild: a horse always has a "wild" mentality", this makes them extremely hard to "tame" which ranchers call "breaking them".~

I don't like this practice for the sheer cruelty of it, but I also don't see it as necessary or even needed at all any more: we have long moved away from needing horses for ANY THING: we have cars and machines that work even better than any enslaved horse, there is just no more need for us to even try to "tame" them AT ALL!~

In fact, horses are becoming dangerously close to becoming an endangered of being wiped out species and I think the best practice so far that is actually being done is to "monitor" them in the wild to protect them from poachers and illegal hunting.~
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