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Unhappy Having a bad night

Ugh... Can't seem to shut my brain off tonight. Keep going back and forth over what I should do about the whole D-and-his-girlfriend situation.

He's given me veto power (unpopular, I know), and part of me wants to use it. Not so much because I'm jealous, although I have my moments, but because their relationship started as cheating. On the one-hand she isn't crazy or looking to take him away from his family like the last woman was, and I'm not worried about her showing up or making a scene (we aren't "out").

But on the other-hand I hate, hate, HATE the fact that it started as an affair, and that she's perfectly fine with him sneaking around and being disonest. It makes my skin crawl. I always thought that I would eventually meet anyone he was seeing, and that we could at least be friendly towards each other. There's no way that will ever happen with this woman.

This wasn't what he and I discussed when we started talking about opening our relationship, so now I'm stuck wondering if I should ask him to stop seeing her and find someone else so we can start fresh, or just going along with it (better the Devil you know...)
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