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Yeah, I worry about that corporate-farm thing. Course I'm also way to lazy to do any farming myself, so shame on me, I'm a stereotypical American who probably deserves to eat crappy overprocessed vittles.

"Healthy animals produce better."
Good point that ...

Re: death by natural causes ... if a disease killed the animal, can't we kill all the blameworthy bugs by thoroughly cooking the meat? same principle as why rare beef has a "tapeworm reputation." But if we're still worried about the bugs, what if we only harvested the meat of animals who had died of old age? I guess you could argue that we're then eating meat that was "oxidized to death," and so, only healthy animals who were slaughtered in their prime are truly fit for our consumption.

Just one more reason why (my conscience, the tiny angel on my right shoulder, but not instinct, the tiny devil on my left shoulder, sez) I should stop being an omnivore and start being a herbivore. And FTR, I love veggie burgers, bean burritos, lots of veggie (Eastern) Indian dishes, egg foo young, and various other veggie delights. But going vegan is just more than my "Republican" brain can handle.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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