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Had a bit of chat of a chat with Prof about the emotional connection thing. He said he has heard that before, out of sight is out of mind and doesn't communicate regularly with anyone outside of things he has to do for work.
He said I should call him if i needed him but the implication was not to if he couldn't help in a practical way. He added that he enjoyed the fact I was relatively drama free as he has more than enough with S right now.
We had a super fun play session on Tuesday and quiet night Weds. He should have mentioned that we see each other in the flash quite a lot. I was thinking that later. I see him more than anyone else apart from one work person!

I also asked him what he wanted to know about my seeing other people, he nothing apart from condom use. Was a bit surprised that I had been seeing someone else apart from Kip.

Kip wants to know all the juicy details, not that there are any at this point. He was asking all sorts of questions and there was a hint of jealousy, I thought. One one hand he is happy I am having fun on the hand not so happy it is with a man. But I did clarify that he wants to be told what is going on.

So one tell wants me to tell all, one tell nothing.

I have a date with new guy tonight, sex is not the table but a nice restaurant and a drink is.

I don't think we can actually get naked time until December. It's nice to go slowly.

Work friend thinks I should do 50's dating and not tell him about the other 2 until he asks. Do not assume exclusivity until it is discussed. He thinks I should not make the other a 2 a priority as I am not a priority for them.
Me: mid 40s female.
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