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Default Feelings on "Livestock"

I thought of considerably more than the maximum allotment of ten viewpoint boxes to check, so I picked the "ten most essential," and well ... if you can/want to vote on more, here's the rest of what I could think of for now:
  • Tampering with livestock's genes is okay.
  • Farms that resist filming/photography should be shut down.
  • Eating livestock is okay if we kill them humanely.
  • Eating livestock is okay only if they die of natural causes.
  • We should stop bridling/saddling horses.
  • It's okay to humanely euthanize suffering livestock who can't be cured.
  • Let's fee our livestock into the wilds, but first, let's condition them for that life.
  • Let's free our livestock, but feed/water them whenever they come around.
Pick and choose any (or none) from the above list that you can/would like to vote on.

I welcome any further opinions about livestock you'd like to express. Also, if you're willing and have reasonable opportunity, consider describing excamples of what specific types of improvements many of our livestock's lives need, how widespread livestock maltreatment is, what you and I (even the non-famers amongst us) can do about it, etc.

Note that chickens, horses, sheep, cows, and really any domesticated farm animal that's used for meat, work, and/or commodities, counts as a type of livestock. (Ducks and geese rather fall under the "pets" category, I think.)
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