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Just wanted to post a quick update of this situation. Our new friend spent the entire weekend here with us last weekend, and the three of us get along really, really well. Went to see a hockey game on Sun, stayed over Sat & Sun nights, and went to work from here on Mon morning. We are gonna see him again for a couple nights in two weeks, and prob late Dec as well -- and we are going away together for a weekend in Jan to a ski area. We all "group text" pretty much every day. He has told us that he def has feelings for us. But I still think my hubby is either hesitant or even mostly against the idea of a triad. I DO know that he likes him, and is absolutely attracted to him. I think he's just a bit more "traditional" than I am. So I still don't know where this is going, but it's been pretty damn enjoyable so far. Thoughts?
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