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Default Poly military spouse?

This is an old thread, but it seems like when anyone starts a new one, they're directed back to one of these... so I'll just start this one back up

I'm curious if anyone on here has ever heard of someone in the US military actually being punished for being poly. I am prior military, but wasn't living a poly lifestyle at the time. I knew of a few swingers/ open couples as well as a lot of married couples that cheated that were never caught or punished. I also knew a few that cheated that were caught, but only because the other spouse turned them in to their unit. Even then... the punishment was fairly mild.

The question that I'm REALLY concerned about, is this:

Does anyone know what would happen to my husband who is active duty if his unit found out that I'm poly? He isn't dating anyone, but I have a bf. We know that my bf wouldn't be able to live with us in base housing (if that situation ever presented itself), but aside from that... I don't see how he could be punished for my actions.

I wish the military wasn't so incredibly old-fashioned. I'm all for having traditions, but I feel like any set of rules should be updated over time.

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