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Originally Posted by thunkybunny View Post
This is where a realistic perspective comes in handy. The likelihood of having a long-term relationship with a psychopath is extremely rare for two reasons. Psychopaths are rare, and psychopaths lack the attention necessary for long-term relationships. Instead of a veto, a more surgical device would be a set of gas-and-break pedals.
A person doesn't have to be a clinical psychopath to be destructive; the person could just become a freak which is reality. That is taking the example to the extreme but I do see the value of gas break as well.

The word veto is over used and artifically isolated to the concept of secondaries. Having to tell a partner to stop a destructive behavior spans many subjects. It could be reckless driving that is threatening the health of family members. It doesn't mean they will stop, it but then you can decide not to let your family in the vehicle with them.

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