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Default overnight

A shorter message. Last night had an overnight with AM. WI was totally cool before I left, and also when I crawled back into bed at 4. Yes, I got up in the middle of the f&^*ing night to get home, after leaving for AM's once our kids had gone to bed.

I am so looking forward to the day when we can be more open about this, don't have to worry about the kids, don't have to worry about the dog walkers and exercise nuts who get up way early, and can just be normal about it. Sheesh.

And the overnight - what a luxury! To talk until we were so tired we couldn't talk. No pressure about getting home, as if with a curfew. Just time together, curled up and close.

Getting up at 3.45 sucked, and yet I'm still glowing. I'm groggy from lack of sleep (two incomplete REM cycles in one night...whee), but I'm really happy right now.
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