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My ex h and I attempted poly back in 1999-2000 when our kids were only 10, 13 and 15. I was a homeschooling mom and the ex worked full time and had a long commute. When we decided to open our relationship (as Unicorn Hunters, I am not proud to say), the woman we found lived in Montreal, a 6 hour drive from our state.

We met her through a shared hobby. But that drive was killer. It ended up taking him away from our home and kids twice a month for 3 day weekends. It was also expensive, the gas, plus the wining and dining and other things he wanted to pay for, for her. I grew resentful of being left behind with 3 kids, a dog, 5 cats, and all the home maintenance work he was "unable" to do.

I had "permission" to see others, but, like GalaGirl, I just didn't feel motivated, since my kids and their schooling, hobbies and sports, etc., took up most of my time. I had other hobbies I wanted to pursue for my own benefit, which were more compelling than trying to cruise for lovers. Back then the internet was in its infancy and I wasn't about to troll Craigslist.

So, I didn't fully go for poly until my ex and I split in 2008. By then the kids were basically independent, and I was only working parttime. Of course, I was at that point, 54 years old. But I don't regret waiting to practice polyamory until my kids needed me less. When I do something, I am all in. I was a fulltime mom, now I am 5 years into a relationship with a woman and 2 years into a relationship with a guy.

As for my ex? He kept in touch with that gf he got in 1999 (even though I "vetoed" her) and 6 mos after he and I split, she moved in with him. They aren't poly though.
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