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Hey River,

I can identify with the feeling of having too many closets! I need to get a t-shirt that says Everything I Want to Do is Illegal.

Well, maybe not illegal, but certainly Frowned Upon. Deep within me there is something that has always striven to be normal. I want to fit, I'm not trying to constantly challenge everyone's comfort zones. I just do. Now I'm beginning to see it is part of my power.

Goodness I could have so many labels if I chose to revel in them. Bisexual, psychic, poly, bipolar, borderline, attachment parent, breastfeeder, raw milk-drinker, home-birther, pothead, massage therapist, healer.

All those and many more are labels I feel pressed upon me from this label-hungry world. But you know what? They don't tell the story. I am a person with astronomical amounts of love to give, who can hold energy and connect others to Spirit. I may seem crazy, but I simply refuse to allow others' definitions of the universe to hold me in.

I'm coming to a place of acceptance in this. I still hold fear about what my mom would say if only she knew the depths of my weirdness. Ah well.
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