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I know this is kind of a reserection of the thread, but I am new member, just having stumbled into this site.

As has been mentioned a cpl of times, I will presumptivly accept that poly minded people would have a range of outlooks not dissimilar to the (presumpitvly monogamous) society at large, making it more a general discussion of virginity generally. That said, I will throw out several individual statements:

Statement #1 - Everyone should be in charge of their body and what they do or don't do with it.

Statement #2 - As a general rule of life, if you have to wonder if you should do (whatever), you probably shouldn't.

Statement #3 - ( excluding the asexual, or if one only meets people through venues oriented narrowly to a specific sexual outlook) everyone will at least subconciously have at least a general sense of progression of esculation of physical (sexual or quasi-sexual related) .

Statement #5 - As the OP indicated timely discussion of decisive limits should be done in timely manner.

Statement #6 - the world is a big place , and there is at least one person oriented to ANY combination of (whatever) , no matter how obscurte or seemingly contradictory.

Statement #7 - Regarding the above, yes thoughtfulness and patientce have their (important) place, a catagoric position that the *wild thing* is off the board for a looong time , if not perminantly will remove a huge portion of the population ( again presuming over the age of adulthood in their place/ culture). The remaining cohort will be heavily predisposed of : asexuals , those with serious psycological issues, and religous fanatics.

Statement #8 - Presuming that someone similarily situated to the OP does go ahead and eventually engage in *the Wild thing* after extended delay , I will make some totally madeup, wild ass sstistics of their reactions :

10% - Hey, everything came about just right.
10% - Thru bad eventual choices, or just plain bad luck the experience was unpleasant to worst nightmere.

80% - Holy Crap, this is Great ! I wish I'd gone here a long time ago.
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