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Smile Poly family

Hi all, I'm new in the forum and as I find all your post really interesting and constructive, I would like to share with you also my experience. I'm 37 years old, married 2 years ago with B and almost 2 years in relation with S. I have 2 kids, One 6 years old (from a previous marriage) and another one 3 years old, son of B. Since almost 2 years I live in 2 different houses and running as crazy. Waking up in the morning with S and running on the other house to prepare the kids for the school. In the evening, when I go with S, I prepare the kids to go in bed and then I leave. B and S are fine with the situation, we all are really happy... but honestly I'm really tired. We are planning to go to live all together in some years... but for the moment... we will keep the situation as it is. Beautiful for everyone, kids included.. buy a bit stress for me. I consider my family a great big family. We are often all together, sharing the most important moments together, dinners, lunches, parties, Christmas..etc.. I can't live without them anymore, I can't imagine a single day without them anymore. We are a poly closed family, and also if we share holidays and daily life together, we also dedicate the right attention and time to the both couples. I love to consider our family like a small green garden with two big plants protecting and loving our 2 little flowers. I'm happy to have the possibility to share my reality with all of you and to have your support in all my ... questions and doubts...
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