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I just woke up from a bad dream. I have no idea why our minds like to create issues that haven't even happened yet. I have a plane to catch today and I was worried before going to sleep that I was going to miss it and I think that's why the dream happened.

Anyway what happened was that I missed a flight in my dream (and somehow I was in my childhood house but my husband was there with me). Anyway I'm getting all pankicked about having to get another flight and get home to the kids. So my husband was on the phone and I was trying to get him to get off the phone so that my sister could call my friend to let her know that I wasn't going to be on the original flight. We dealt with that. Then I was running around in a panick trying to sort things out and needing my husband's help. And what does he do in my dream? He decides that this is the perfect time to message his new GF on the computer to tell her that he's sorry but their date is going to have to wait since I'm not gone yet.

How that felt to me was like when I went out from my friend's house a few months ago to go swimming with some people who didn't show up. I get back about a half hour later feeling really abandoned to find that as soon as I was out of the house she had called her new GF over. It gives me the feeling that I'm just in the way.

The stupid thing is that this dream hasn't actually happened and the hurt that I'm feeling is from a friendship and not from my husband. Everything just gets all mixed up in dreams. On the bright side there's absolutely no way I'm actually missing my flight this morning since I'm up at this rediculous hour.

I'll be so glad to be home. Tonight it's a quiet night with the kids and possibly a movie. Then tomorrow it's dinner and dancing with some of my favourite people. (I am extra excited about seeing one of those favourite people )


ETA it wasn't the fact that he was letting his GF know he was going to be late, it was that I was in the middle of a crisis and needed some help to get things in place. So it was the feeling of being an annoyance rather than anything to do with the courtesy of letting someone know that you're going to be late.

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