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Things are pretty good. I'm enjoying my relationships in all the forms and shapes they take.

Things with Brig are lovely. It's a new thing for me, the relaxedness of it, the feeling of safety and security. We see each other about twice a week. Not a lot of emailing or texting which I like - this tends to make me restless and too dependent on reassurance. We really enjoy each others company, and are getting to know each other, slowly, steadily. Trying not to think of the future too much and living the love as it presents itself to me.

Ren is dating his new gf Mon - they see each other very often, so that with both our schedules, we hardly spend time together these days. This is a bit worrying and we do need to think about this. We are planning to get away together for a weekend later this month.

I had a date with BGuy which was.... nice, but not great. I like the talks, I like the sex. I guess while I was with him I did feel that at that moment, I would rather have been with Brig - which is a feeling I hardly ever get about any of my relationships. I guess it means I'm falling for him pretty hard...

I also had a lovely evening with an old lover, with whom I now have a very close and warm and intimate friendship.

Date with Knight lined up for next week.

Yes, it's all pretty good
early forties, straight.
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