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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
That is tough. Do you think he will change his views over time? Is he interested in learning more about polyamory?
I am working very hard at this point to show him how much I love him without giving up on the truth about myself. The realization that my rationale from the past to persue a relationship outside of marraige is not correct and helping him to understand and BELIEVE that realization and what I have sorted out,I believe, is the key to him wanting to understand further. Previous I was not even aware of the term "polyamory"... I called it "open marraige"... so you see, without even a correct term for how I felt let alone understanding completely what I was feeling led to much confusion and heartache. I have to go back and correct, hope and pray he understands and would want to persue further knowledge in this newly discovered realm. Hope that makes some kind of sense.
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