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nycindie - That's a grand compliment! Thanks. Life has been good to me, I think, but I've also been unafraid to grab it.

Grotto and I are making a belated birthday surprise for Plinth today. An elaborate fancy dinner, with a bit of theatrics. The two of us will do the cooking, and Ocean will be a dinner guest. I'm excited! Lots to be done in prep. Yay for not working on Fridays.

Lobe is overseas for a family occasion. Gets back to the country in a few days, then I see him next weekend (I'm flying up).

Much more I could write, but I've got chores! FUN

If I get around to assembling the costume I'm thinking of, it could be a very naughty night indeed. Ok, to be honest, it's going to be naughty by the end anyway, given the personnel (Grotto, Plinth...)

Ocean said that he'll slip away if (if! ha) things get too mischievous. I clarified with him that he wouldn't be annoyed by this. He said, no, he thinks dinner will be fun and he'll hang around for as long as he feels like. It's great that I can take him at face value.
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