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Default I am not trying to insult you

or belittle you

but if you are involved with the organizing of such events, esp in you have any say in the material presented, you might want to honestly and thoroughly think about these subjects, the smooth route is preferred to the rough and troubled route. You should be grateful you don't need to travel the worst route possible -- the same situation women, non-caucasian, LGBT people all had to face -- and because of their bravery the road is in many ways all but paved

I understand that this sort of information isn't easy to get a hold of, there is so little research done regarding these specific topics.

but honestly, if it wasn't either unrecognized hatred, or else being upset because they didn't believe they that it was possible to put your foot down and stand their ground and say NO! who I am is not wrong

Besides the fact that nobody can force a priest, pastor, of justice of the peace, to preform a marriage if they are not wiling to do it, it just isn't true.

And if that were really it, or if it were honestly about them thinking allowing same sex couple to marry will destroy or harm the sanctity of marriage, so they could call them "civil unions" and quit withholding their God Given Rights guaranteed by the Constitution

it's all just excuses and BS talk used as a cover for hate, it's no different unique form of bigotry, but you could catch them red handed with cake all over the face, or doing some horrible wrong like physically attacking or just any other malicious act really, and they will always deny it,

because that's who they are, they don't like themselves, so others become a easy target to direct that hatred. Some people you can teach to understand the truth, and some you cannot, because they choose not to

and there is nothing you can do about it.

as far as the theories about fearing that removing the taboo from the practice of polyamory will cause all spouses to either become poly or loose their spouse to someone who is, NO , I promise you that is not true and not based in reality,

however bigoted people will try to get you to believe such lies, it is only bigoted people who believe that if it was alright for their spouse to have a mixed race relationship, then they are screwed because every white guy knows the taboo is the only thing keeping their white girlfriend with them

it's not true

the same as it is not true that the only reason people oppose the removal of the homosexual taboo. Is it because they think their spouse or girlfriend will suddenly be homosexual and leave you for someone who is their gender?

it's NOT real,

I edited this reply because I was a little harsh on you for what you choose to believe, because it is my belief that accepts excuses for bigotry enables it, they will always have a seemingly logical reason to wrongfully discriminate, it is part of the disease that is to confuse love for hate. That's what that disease does and it begins when you pretend that you don't see the difference between honesty and dishonesty, truth and lies, and it's a dangerous slope as soon as you take liberties or exercise freedom without living up to those responsibilities which cannot be separated from each freedom and liberty.

Hope that all makes sense


I just read some of the posts from the site you linked, I just want to reiterate, to please consider whether you really want your position to be one of poly vs mono. Not only does it create problems that didn't exist, but it is buying in to the bigotry mentality that you need a reason to desire to live your life polyamorously.

You don't need any reason, it is NOT wrong, love is not amoral, loving a person will also be moral.

I know it's hard to not want to retaliate for all the problems people have had to suffer because being poly meant you could be afflicted by the confused people in a society who thought they were doing "the right thing"

but trust me, it is not worth it, and I speak from experiencing affliction from both sides of the fence, on just about every topic. Obviously you are free to schedule the event around any topic you want, I am just suggesting that you give it a second thought, because polys could very easily gain more acceptance than the most optimistic poly has ever dreamed of, and because of the work down by those who faced wrongful discrimination before you, you could backwards into it.

Just please make sure that you viewpoint doesn't contain the same problem of not recognizing hatred, or the mistake of masking hatred with subtlety, it makes things worse in the long run

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