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May I make a suggestion?
Having gone from 216 down to 152 in the last 2 years I found a few things that were VERY helpful.

First-join www

It's free and it's got a LOT of helpful parts/pieces to it.

track your food/drinks PERFECTLY. Seriously-I did that and it was a HUGE difference.
There is a tracker on sparkpeople for food/drinks/water/activity.

Start slow with working out-but be consistent. Pick things that don't SEEM like a new workout-log 'em. Like walking to the mailbox, or walking around the yard, do leg lifts while you watch tv....

See if you can manage the water if you use some lemon in it and have it over ice.
Every time you feel hungry-if you drink a glass of water ( I always do iced with lemon) first-then eat after, you will eat less. We often eat too much because we eat when our bodies are actually thirsty.

Commit to no soda by (pick a date) like they do with cigarettes. That one is hard for most people, but soda is a killer for the body in LOTS of ways.

Also-if you like to read, check out the book "the china study". It's frightening but very helpful in regards to health issues regarding food.

Feel free to PM me-I'm healing right now from surgery-but I'm pretty serious about my health too and it's been a lot of work, but I am making great progress. You can too!!
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