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Default Good to Hear

I joined the yahoo group last year, but didn't do much in the form of participation.

These are important times -- possibly the most important times -- as there are definitely power struggles going on that have less to do polyamory and more to do with polytics, and those seeking to profit or use these movements for personal or familiar gains.

My opinion is that it is not wise to find faults in other relationship dynamics in order to justify polyamory. Polyamory needs no justification, polyamory is no less morally upright than monogamy. When people try to distance themselves or make it an issue of any relationship style is right and another is wrong, it creates problems. Too often it seems to become an issue of poly against monogamy, which I believe hinders progress, as one is not right and the other not wrong

so long as the relationships are formed between fully knowledgeable, consenting adults, I believe it is deleterious to frown upon other's dynamic that you are not a part of.

Too often I have witnessed both online and in real life that "communities" which you would think would be open minded and accepting of those who follow simple, basic tenets (knowledgeable, fully consenting adults) however the groups who have been wrongly marginalized by society can be many times worse in the wrongful discrimination towards those who do not choose the same style of relationships. Too often they are many times more controlling, afflicting, and manipulative or relationships they are not personally involved with, which is not to say that groups should be prevented from splitting off into their own close knit clicks, or that they should not be allowed to engage in adolescent and pre-adolescent antics, however it is disheartening when egos and pissing contests of claiming a "right" way by making others "wrong"

Especially in the online realm, where often discussions take the form of belittling in unstated, subtle ways or hidden sarcasm. It is evident in most of the poly forums, boards and blogs, and those are the conversations that often detract from the progress which has been a long, long time coming.

It almost seems like the ones who engage in such tactics, would rather ployamory remain taboo, because when it is, there is an belief that certain bad behaviors must be accepted as there is no alternative

I believe it is important to be mindful that societies or communities purge itself of the wrongful discrimination. It does no good to clear the air, if it is just going to be re-polluted by afflicting non-conforming persons who dare to live alternatively to tradition. It is not OK to afflict others who truly are doing no harm.

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