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I had something similar happen with my, then rather new, bf. He knew I was on here,, and without telling me, joined the board and did nothing but read my posts, including my blog. I am not sure how much he read, but after a couple weeks, he told me he'd been reading my posts here.

I was really embarrassed because my blog was currently full of my NRE gushings about him. He assumed I'd known he had signed on here, because he had visited my profile here, and he was listed as having recently visited it. But I never look at my profile here, so I had no idea.

Yes, it's a public board and anyone in the world can read my stuff. But, I still felt slightly violated. I have an understanding with my gf that we never read each other's texts, IMs, emails, unless invited. She knows I use this board to vent and work out issues and would never read here. She considers it MY community, and lets me have it as personal space.

Anyway, I don't think Ginger ever really got why I was so embarrassed, but he's a nice guy and agreed to stop reading here.

This social networking stuff is complicated! We all have to understand how it works and figure out our own comfort levels, and find out our partners' comfort levels. I feel bad your bf is ready to dump you over it. Seems rather impatient of him.
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