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Originally Posted by Piroska View Post

Of course, when you are a free user on OKC, when you look at someone's profile, it lets them know. I knew he'd see that I saw it. His reaction when he got the notification was not what I expected - he completely flipped out. He saw it as an invasion of privacy, because I hadn't asked him about an OKC profile, because I'd googled his username. He said it was a double standard that I wanted to keep my privacy but that I violated his.
He shouldn't be on the internet with poorly setup security settings if he has any sense of privacy.

You have your privacy set, he doesn't.. maybe show him how to lock it down.

Never, including you, have an expectation of privacy when on the web. Someone can always find something. Its an unfortunate truth of existing on the web.

I know I don't answer the emotional question.. but my answer is implied in my opinion about the internet. Not to mention my immediate head goes "red flag" for this kind of stuff. While I am not nosey, someone telling me not to do something that actually won't hurt anyone, is like a red button. What the heck is he hiding.. NDA, other partners etc. Not a fan of the rule both logically or emotionally.

Read some of your other posts, sounds like it was a deal breaker. Sorry to hear that, but its a deal he shouldn't "need" and you shouldn't "need" to follow.
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