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Honestly I would stop some of the coddling. Requesting texts etc doesn't end up making it easier for you, it just creates an environment of finding surrogate changes that may make it easier

I travel for work, quite simply my wife just had to get used to it. In fact she prefers sleeping without me there now, its quite awesome. She didn't have to sleep in specific positions, didnt need to worry about my sleep.. nothing. She just spreads out and sleeps.

Once she got over that initial hump, it has been better. I text her good night etc. But both of us know not to interupt the others sleep or fun stuff.

It sounds like possibly, you are also talking about the reconnection phase post other partners. I can't relate since I don't feel that need, so can't speak to that specifically. However, as the recipient of the post sex reconnect request, I don't like when partners have asked for that, it feels wrong to me. Like they are trying to take away what I had the night before. Competing for the scent or smell on my clothes or body. It wigged me out and was something else we worked on eliminating over time.
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