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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Thanks ladyjools. How do you manage without your own space? I would struggle with that. Still, whatever works right?!

No wonder you are busy!
I'd love my own room but at the moment we can't afford a bigger place, we have a 2 and half bedroom flat the half bedroom is so small you couldn't fit a bed in so we use it as a study,

chris and rick both have there rooms and so when im not with them they get time alone, so its not exactly space of there own because im always welcome in ethier room but there usually is time to themselfs and i can take time out in whatever room is free if i want time alone, they way our shifts all work i do get some time to myself.
my dream in future would be for us to buy a house together maybe with a bit of land and 4 or 5 bedrooms so we each have our own space that we can decorate and make our own,

what we have now though works, and there have been no arguments just lots of comunication.

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