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Nothing has really been going on in my life. Just same stuff different day.

Work at the vet office has been slow. I am not complaining. Work for R has been dealing with the marketing of his custom guitar cable. The company has drooped the ball on so many levels.

Butch has been annoying me lately. I just want him to leave me alone. I am resentful that my life has to bend to his all the time.

For example today is Murf's 40th birthday and he is off work. I had planned to see him today. But now I can't because Butch has to work over time. He worked 7-3 came home and had to go back in at 11pm. I can not pick up more hours at the vet office due to his work schedule. He will not stand up for his damn self. The man has a freaking hernia. He has to be on light duty. He keeps doing things against Dr's orders.

Yesterday I was having a bad day. Murf ordered the kids and I pizza for dinner. Payed for it and had it delivered. He made sure both boys had their favorite kind. Butch was out last night. He came home I told him the pizza was a special thing ordered for the kids by Murf. The awhile took the leftovers to work. It was ordered for the kids NOT Butch. So the kids were hurt when they wanted the leftovers. He didn't ask he just took it.
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