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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
What is a retroactive veto? one that is used after a relationship has started?

So what was the purpose of vetoing? was it in hopes of them cooling off? and how did that lead to cheating? because they didn't cool off?

confusing... and crazy making it sounds like. It sounds like no one acted in anyone else's best interest? is that it?
Yeah, when I say "retroactive veto" I'm referring to a situation where the primary partner was originally okay with the secondary relationship, then the primary started having problems with it, and instead of working through the issues, demanded that they break up. Of course, when 2 people are happy together and some 3rd party tries to force them apart, that doesn't do anything to change their feelings, and rarely goes well in any context.

I'm not sure what the purpose of vetoing was, you'd have to ask someone who has done it. My assumption is that it's because the primary feels threatened and is trying to get control of the situation to feel safe, and has somehow forgotten that forbidding love generally does not work out so well.
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