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I had a young playpartner for 2 years. He was almost 21 when we met, to my 54. We had great physical chemistry and I found him charming, funny and relaxing to be around. I was just starting out dating again so I agreed to a NSA arrangement, although I grew so fond of him, I would have liked more of an immersion in each others' lives. However, that did not work for him as he was busy with school, then job hunting, then a demanding new job and didnt have time for a "real gf."

He would only get together with me when he wanted to. He'd text me when he was free and I'd work him in. I always had to be a spontaneous as possible. He didn't do long term plans. But we always had so much fun when we were together, I just rolled with it. I had a serious partner as well this whole time.

One day, he just stopped texting me. I didn't hear from him in 18 months. I finally tried texting him, but it seemed his number no longer worked.

Later, he told me he has the emotional intelligence of a gnat. He had quit his job, moved north, grew a beard and spent time finding himself. Then he found a real gf, moved in with her, but already wasn't that satisfied with the relationship... not happy, but afraid to break up.

Oh well, I guess the moral of my story is, enjoy the youngsters for what they bring, fun and enthusiasm and energy and horniness, but don't expect them to be fully supportive or dependable!
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