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Default stupid

So, I guess I just don't learn. I'm not really asking for advice right now - just venting a bit.

We discussed things, and his requirements are that I do not search on himself, his exes, or his kids. That if I want to know something, I ask first. I agreed to abide by these rules.

This should be all well and good, right?

Well, we usually use yahoo to chat since it works on his phone. But it hasn't been working on his phone for a few days. It occurred to me that we had used gmail several months ago, and maybe it would work. I rarely log into gmail - and I'm on google+, which he is also, but again, I never use it, don't really know how it works. I was in his circle, and he was in my circle. So I click on his name in my list of contacts, it opens a new message, and it opens his google+ profile. There's really nothing there. I know that I have a dozen or so random people (strangers) who "have me in their circles", so when it listed "5 people have Morp in their circles" I moused over it out of curiosity, not looking for anything. One of the names caught my eye - the name of his ex girlfriend, the mother of his youngest child. So I clicked on it.

Bad move.

Her avatar picture was a photo of his youngest, and she had a bunch of photos up, which were beyond adorable. By this time, he'd gotten my message, and responded back that it seemed to be working on his phone. I suddenly realized this was probably not something he wanted me to do, so I told him exactly what had happened, and I closed the tab.

He was furious with me. Is, I guess. He didn't talk to me for the rest of yesterday, except for an email telling me how I had violated his trust, and broken the boundary, and was transgressing on his very biggest dealbreaker - interference with his kids. I'm still not allowed to talk to him. He is trying to figure out if there is any way we can stay together or if he's just going to dump me.

So, I know I was stupid. I know he said to ask first. My brain did not engage as fast as it should have. I was in the wrong. So not really needing any advice; I should have kept to the rules I'd agreed too. I just kinda needed to vent a little.
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